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Lou Schulz

Imagine if someone you love dearly handed over their money and made it your responsibility to make it last. It inspired me to find an investment strategy that helped my family never lose any of their retirement money.

It is our philosophy at Schulz Benefits Group to provide our clients with utmost respect and care. We strive to protect the financial security of the people we serve by remaining educated on all the various options available in our industry. At Schulz Benefits Group, trust is a must. Over my 30+ year career consulting thousands of people of retirement age, I’ve never lost a single dollar of my clients’ money due to the volatility of the market. We have built an environment of transparency, understanding and knowledge. These qualities ensure our clients are getting the best advice from qualified professionals.

We understand your unique needs and we know there’s simply no way you can afford to waste valuable retirement years trying to recover from dips in the market. You need reliability. You need to protect your profits and lock in gains. You need your money to go to work for you in retirement.

Our goal is simple. Using only safe money strategies, we strive to protect you, your assets and your heirs and solve for income.